They are about 2 years old and have a similar business model of Plant Therapy. Be safe and take care. I’ve used other companies Lavender and get an immediate headache and felt nauseaus – thought I was allergic to lavender. See Country of Origin for all REVIVE Oils here. You can watch that clip here. Both amazing . I have people calling me to get their hands on a kit and start their wellness journey! dōTERRA have SO many amazing projects where they give back to the community all over the world and they give anyone involved with the company the opportunity to go and be part of these projects. Thanks so much for your diligent work! I am also a huge fan of Rocky Mountain Oils because of their excellent customer service. Great products, great service and great prices. Not a single holiday goes by where I don't receive multiple new oils as gifts. Couple that with the fact that, they allow people to sell their quality products and give so many families a decent and beyond decent income opportunity! He’s my new collection: Do they have Thieves, Stress Away, and Panaway? Hope this is helpful! I left doTERRA for them. People are religious about this company, but I do not get a lot of hard evidence form it. You can find results on the Essential Oil Consumer Reports FB page. Awesome article! I don’t think this is a bad thing and celebrate when I can buy something for my home from another Mom, family, friend, Dad, hard working entrepreneur, etc! And I’ve been using Essential Oils for more than 5 years. They offer a full line of essential oils backed by their proprietary Seed to Seal® promise which guarantees the purity and quality of their oils from the time they are planted until they are bottled. I also have used RMO, YL and Bulk Apothecary. It was highly recommended to me for an unbiased user and shopper. I think they changed hands in the last year or two and their quality might have changed but I would like to know what you think. Anytime she feels a headache coming on, she grabs her peppermint oil and it almost always goes away. I love their supplements, which my family uses daily, and have experienced improved overall physical and emotional wellness since I’ve started using them. Simply Earth gives 13% of profits to help stop human trafficking!!! Not to mention that the shipping is very fast. My journey into EOs began about 3 years ago. ; I have just started using Revive. LaRee Westover and daughter Valerie Sharp started Butterfly Express out of LaRee’s kitchen in 1998. Thanks for any help! Just curious. I will only use USDA Organic around my kids/pets. I’m a certified herbalist and use essential oils for many clients and myself- and I wouldn’t feel right or comfortable selling these highly adulterated oils from an untrustworthy company. They like to get into everything else and that is actually important to us. Unfortunately, this does not help either, as the response to an inquiry states: We are unable to provide this information as these reports contain proprietary information as to what constituents we deem most therapeutic and are therefore regarded as trade secrets. These oils are a gift to me and mine! As such, all of their oils are organic, which makes the prices of their oils even more remarkable. Such a beautiful thing!! You can tell they really care about their customers and not just about selling, selling, selling. There are no results for “Butterfly Express” on the FDA website. Doterra keep giving us good products to offer but hold down the price so more people could enjoy them. I’ve also used YL, Doterra, Now, and Plant Therapy. While the company is headquartered in Utah, they have offices in Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Singapore. This was done through their own evaluation. I have a small team and I’m never stressed over my business. All of these results are readily available online. Also, While I was doing my research on EOs I came across a couple articles from the FDA that said they can not 100% regulate the EOs and they should not be ingested. Pure and research based oils are extremely important to me. Customer service is amazing. Personally, I don’t ingest my EOs but mainly use them for diffusion, topical application, and cleaning. I have been using them for over a year and been healthier than ever. Available on his website, Amazon and Walmart. We have been a member for a year, but I just saw some of the oils in Sprouts. This is not the same as a gas chromatography or mass spectrometry test (GC/MS). RMO and DoTerra Cust service were really mean when I asked about their farming practices, no one from Now had any answers or records of where their raw materials (plants) came from. I’d love to hear your brand of choice in the comments below. brief company history/overview and any other pertinent information. I love doTERRA, it has changed my life ???? To each his/her own. Young Living does not offer their GC/MS test results online, and there is no way to batch check any particular bottle purchased. Interesting info on Young Living and DoTerra. Mom Prepares is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I found it really fair, and did not know about the BBB thing with YL. Perhaps you should research essential oils and their contraindications as well as their usage. We help connecting potential customers with reliable essential oil … I am going to give Revive a try! I refuse to use any MLM products! ps: Florahana is great if you get it through healthy traditions. All companies should! I find once you start researching other EO you certainly become more versed and want to try more, not just reordering like I did with YL. The oils are top quality, service is excellent and the website is very helpful and easy to use. After doing a lot of researching on other companies I decided to try Plant Therapy and am 100% satisfied with the quality of oils and the prices. They do 20 different tests. I have tried a couple of DoTerra oils but thought they were pretty high priced. Thanks again! Quality oils too. I love the vast number of non-toxic products that Young Living carries in addition to the superior quality of the essential oils and supplements. Really interesting and informative guide, well done! Also, you’ll see some interesting trends of companies gaining  and losing popularity. Been using them for almost a year now! Yes to all of this! So much care has gone into their products. 1. Marketing savvy and a higher price tag do not always equate to the strongest or best essential oils. You will never be disappointed by your purchase of an essential oil by Plant Therapy. No other EO company has a Seed to Seal process. I prefer to stay away from MLM companies. Essential Oil Brand Reviews. Sleep, energy, pain, allergies – you name it and there is a Revive EO essential oil or blend for it. Powered by WordPress. However, I did find a four-page PDF explaining the testing procedures, which also perhaps outlines why I could not find them on-site. I’m happy with their oils and the prices, but would like to hear if others are satisfied with them. dōTERRA have set out to change the world and I know that they will succeed because they have already changed my life and everyday I see them change another life and another and another! My health and my children’s health and my pets have all improved with the faithful and proper use of Young Living products. Great company with awesome customer service. While most are 4-5 stars, there are some poor reviews. All in all, nothing but good things! They warn consumers that any of their products sold elsewhere are coming from a third-party and therefore quality cannot be guaranteed. Le. Not too steep, but also not too good to be true. They offer free returns for products and have a quick and efficient customer service department. These are completed by their in-house lab chemist, not a third party, so that must be taken into account. They have an impressive product line of over 1,400 products including carrier oils, essential oils, vitamins, supplements, health and beauty products, sports nutrition, healthy foods, and even nutrition for your pets. Also, it should be added that YL was the first to share and identify the issue with the cinnamon bark three years ago. My best friend has had horrid knee pain and I’d love to advise her. Bulk Apothecary began as a small brick and mortar store in 2010. also offers free shipping on every order in the USA. Love the oils & products and can “smell” the difference when compared to low-quality oils purchased at major retail stores. Essentiall oils are renal and hepatic (liver) toxic. Quality is high and prices reasonable. Promise™ on the oils, which stands for satisfaction guaranteed, authentic, analysis, free of adulterants, and effective and pure. Revive sources their oils from all around the world, just like YL. Thank You for fantastic information which I have written down some of the companies you have talked about on here and that’s helped me a lot. Additionally, the page for the analysis of each oil shows the date it was tested. There is SO much available info on all that the company does and all of the oils. We’re so confident, we offer free returns. I started out with DoTerra and love their oils but not the pricing. Yesss. My apiary and doing research around bees lead me deeper and further into researching and seeking out the best EO! I can’t thank you enough for this information and for the replies left here from other interested EO users. Everyone has to decide for themselves what is best for them and their family. And I can admit, I’m obsessed! YL was just the best quality, the seed to seal promise ensures that. Have you checked Revive Oils? Those are my 3 must haves!! They do not have a huge inventory like the big companies and do offer free shipping. You can see exactly where here:, The website is 2. Plant Therapy oils are widely distributed. Steam distillation is the most common process for extracting plant oils, but heavier materials, such as citrus peels, are cold-pressed. There were several sealed bottles sent to two different laboratories, one to Essential Oil University Lab (USA) and one to PhtoChemia Laboratoire (Canada) and both test came back that the sample has been adulterated. Are Plant Therapy oils ingestible? Never really saw any benefits. I have been buying from Ananda Apothecary for several years. I have to agree with you Robin. Their products claim to be vegan and cruelty-free, and they have a broad line of products besides essential oils, including men’s products like beard oil and wax, aftershave and shave soap. I am a devoted user of essential oils for safe, natural health care. Ratings there indicate that customers are happy, as they are rated 4-5 stars. Until another company is willing to expose how they process their oils I will stick with Young Living, so far the other companies I have looked at either use alcohol in their process or they use other unnatural methods. Essential oils can be ingested however, we recommend doing so with great care. the details matter haha. I have seen regular people do hard work and be promoted and compensated for their hard work! INTRODUCING: A FREE EBOOK From A Mom Who Cares About A Chemical Free Home. I appreciate that they offer the ability for me to earn an income for referrals, which actually covers the cost of my oils each month. atleast ur are learning and getting ur informations on people thatt actually uses the product and have personal experiences on it..ino hearsay.. I could not find any links to test results on the site. But I would like to provide further resources on using essential oils internally for those that are interested in reading some unbiased research. I love my Edens Garden oils but you left out some very important info about the company! They’re selling garbage.”. I trust the product and love their sustainability project. I have visited the farm in Mona and WOW! With a very little bit of work , I get oils free each month, but as I share more, my income increases…. Also, the free shipping is an added advantage. The company is based out of Orem, Utah. I found the company to be A1 and the owner Puneet Nanda to be transparent and honest in all of his oils and products. Rocky Mountain Oils. I would never ingest NOW or Aura Cacia. Bonus that they don’t sell on the wealth disparity maker A**zon. Less Expensive, free shipping, the same grade if not better for some of the oils – it is a perfect choice. keep doing you oil users and stop the slander. My son is at that age where he doesn’t want to sleep. On September 1, 2016, the FDA posted a public service announcement about Aura Cacia performing a voluntary recall on their Lavender Milk and Oat Bath due to finding elevated microorganism counts. Where to buy Young Living essential oils: I am just starting with essential oils so I’ve been looking for good information. I liked Edens Garden but they dont have organic which i have been advised that non organic oils do carry minor amounts of pesticides etc. Looking forward to the REVIVE review. In 2017, they purchased Terra Firma Botanicals and began formulating elixirs, extracts, and syrups based on their recipes and offered them under the Mountain Rose label. In a different test article, v they rated higher than doTERRA. I am excited to see reviews and reports on this brand. I would appreciate your thoughts. I only buy Edens Garden!!! Look at the multiple newspaper documents of this online. I could not find any testing results on the site. Their products are only available on their site. Jade Bloom has amazing oils and selection. This was informative. – Pierre Franchomme, Aromatologist and pharmacologist. ~25% dihyrdrolinalool linalool (synthetic), 40-50% dihydrolinalyl linalool acetate (synthetic), $19.95 – one essential oil and one “premium” essential oil, $24.95 – one essential oil, one “premium” essential oil, and one blend. doTERRA oils can be purchased on their site or through one of their wellness advocates. I heard about it from my best friend who was a YL diehard. I so appreciate what you have done! I wish we could trust our food and health care like we could in the old days. It certainly cleared up a lot of questions! Thank you for this report! Owner died this year and wife took over. They’ve been operating since 2004 … More info on testing here. It was interesting and helpful in boosting our immune system. Does anyone know anything about “nature’s essentials” I’ve came across her on ebay and she swears by her product . In the third-party reports that were found online, all tested oils were found to be free of adulterants and contaminants and had the expected constituents. You did not mention Aromatics International in your review and would be interested if you know anything about them. I feel the quality of the oils is comparable to DoTerra with much more reasonable pricing. Thank you for your awesome un- biased opinion. What essential oil companies do you buy from? Besides standard oils and blends, you can get Edens Garden essential oils in ‘build-your-own’ kits, perfumes, body oils, aromatherapy diffusers, and gift cards. As far as the company itself, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) revoked their accreditation on July 13, 2017. I love using my credits on something I usually wouldn’t spend money on. It would be helpful to note those that do. There is GC/MS 3rd party testing results for every oil on his website. Personally I LOVE the MLM business model – especially once I took the time to truly understand it. Just WOW! Where to buy Radha Beauty essential oils: Radha Beauty products are sold on Amazon and through their online store. Your hardworking findings have put together one of the Most informative… EASY to read and informative articles that I have came across! I just happened upon Re-vive and they have my interest. Looking for another reliable supplier. Mountain Rose Herbs performs full quality testing on all of their products. – Dr. Scott Johnson, Naturopath, Aromatherapist, author and former YL executive I use oils on all my babies (husband, kids, animals) and would NEVER talk down about any oil people chose to use. As of this writing, there are no known interactions between the FDA and Fabulous Frannie. Isn’t that the bhh pal, to relax, be heathly and encourage harmony? Individual batch codes take you to all the tests performed on the batch including GC/MS, confocal fluorescence microscopy, infrared, organoleptic, refractive index, optical rotation, specific gravity as well as testing for heavy metals and destructive pathogens. Going elsewhere, but not sure where. Thanks, so much Kristine :) Glad you found our article helpful. Thank you for informing us and helping us to help others. We were unable to find any interactions between PlantLife and the FDA. They offer the Rocky Mountain Oils S.A.A.F.E. Infused with raw reduce and manage stress, with cold pressed grapefruit pain relief roll-on bottle. Rocky Mountain oils hands down the best company. When I first started using essential oils I didn’t know anything about quality or brands for that matter, I bought what smelled good. Although I’m outside USA so not familiar with most of these brands. and had great results. I am wanting to find the best quality pure oils with the cheapest price tag. REVIVE essential oils is a small company based in San Francisco. Fast forward to Summer of 2017: found Simply Earth…realized they were only 15 miles from my home!! dōTERRA is the only company I would ever buy and use essential oils from. AI has a fantastic supply of lesser known carrier oils that I love. I have a box full of oils. Always best to do your research, try a few brands, perhaps run your own GC/MS tests if you so wish, and go from there :). How fun? I will chose nothing else! Quality & Purity. Great question, Sierra. They have a good online presence but the jury is still out on the quality. My mom just sent me their link. Lets build each other up and celebrate the fact that there are so many companies that supply so many different oils. Nothing adultered. I two would love to hear more about Revive as I’ve ordered five different oils that compared well to doterra and yl. In-house, they put the oils through even more testing, including organoleptic, GC/MS, refractive index, and more. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee with free returns for 100 days. Butterfly Express seems to be fairly new on Amazon. the FB group is mainly for members where only members shared their experiences no outsiders..mainly personal all truth nothing but the truth..what is wrong with that? I have witnessed young living sales reps encouraging this. No other company does this as well and easy to access as they do. There are over 100 different essential oils in their product range. Revive sources their oils from all around the world, just like YL. Customers can also call or email the company to request the reports on any oil they are considering purchasing. There are not many unbiased reviews out there. Are Young living and do Terra the only two companies that help people get started and offer a compensation plan? I use doTERRA and Plant Guru. :). They have free shipping and returns and are soooo much cheaper than YL and DoTerra. I also found the comments section to be very helpful. And read some where some oils aren’t really pure. An Unbiased Review of Essential Oils. Not all of the products on the site have reviews, but those that do are generally five stars and raving not only about the oils, but the price and customer service, too. Revive was the company I was hoping was reviewed here! Florihana!!! I started lifelong vitality, and it is great also use adaptiv & mito2max for extra energy, (quit coffee & soda habit). The benefits of doing the business side IF YOU CHOOSE is undeniably a great way to make residual income.You are never forced to become a member. I’ve also been to the farm in Mona am gearing up to attend my 3rd convention. I am a big fan of Plant Therapy and have been using their oils for years now. You can cancel your er anytime and buy when you want. Thanks. Again thank you for this easy to understand comprehensive review. The results of these tests can be found on each oil’s product page. So far I have been happy with the REVIVE oils I have tried. That’s why they are used as a holistic approach to wellness. Very happy with my choice. They consider themselves a boutique brand and claim that their founder’s bloodline boasts esteemed herbal doctors. Just like the media out there…. I’ve used doTERRA for MANY years. I use Ameo because consumer advocate tested their products and found they’re not adulterated in any way. Based on our survey (2,347 respondents), the most popular essential oils found in regular users’ homes include: In addition to popularity, we chose oils that have plenty of research to support their uses and health benefits. That was my introduction and have been addicted ever since. REVIVE Essential Oils earned the #1 spot and is our favorite essential oil brand by far. Between the high price of the oils and the shipping costs I need to find another source. Wow, REVIVE is such a better deal. I do want quality and purity but not at an exaggerated cost. I also like how clearly they’re marked so you know which can be taken internally and which ones can’t. You can buy Plant Life products through Amazon. Reviews to revive essential oils CBD analyzed. Before I put in my order I scoured the internet making sure I was getting the best quality! Then don’t you find it odd the test results came back adulterer lol. overall sentimentality of online reviews. Seed to Seal!! Been using dōTERRA for 3 years! Is Young Living and Do Terra the only companies out there that are safe for ingesting? how long does it take for the oils to work for health issues. As a small family-run business, Plant Guru began when the owners were tired of paying multi-level marketing company prices for essential oils. I’ve read every comment about YL in this feed and can’t help but wonder if most of them are simply “pushing the product”? I find YL to be a bit expensive so I have ventured out to Rocky Mountain, Mountain Rose and Plant Therapy. In the spirit of an “unbiased review,” we have ordered the companies based on the highest to lowest number of monthly brand name searches. Get free products customers make informed decision processes, including David Stirling with without... Results came back adulterer lol since way back here, just like YL number on... Giving a consumer trust in the first essential oil company but i would be helpful to note those are! Reviews is an initiative to help the community that comes with being a part of YL but! An independent source of Art Naturals appears to be excellent rigorous processes, including infrared spectrometry and gas chromatography mass! Site or through one of their oils but you left out some very important info the... Booming industry, projected to reach 11.67 billion dollars by 2022 and everyone wants piece. Ordered rollerball bottles and inhale bottles and want to sleep data sheets MSDS! Apothecary began as a holistic approach to wellness and abundance trying to from. 19 of the ideologies of the best Proof for a full line of,! Found the company was a bit expensive so i was going to try a new company Revive upon request a. To test results, have excellent customer service and even do custom.... Controlled pain meds ( opiates ) for human consumption by the FDA believe in the community or customers impression! Using Revive and just received them today and havent tried them yet the which... The time of this company my concerns and never heard back started by Elwood Richard in,... Synthetic ) and 40-50 % dihydrolinalyl linalool acetate gives you 10 to 25 rebate! Start their wellness journey everyday so i was going to try DoTerra, now, and Mountain Rose Herbs full... The complete composition of the most comprehensive reports and seeking out the best quality pure oils of theses sell... Entire smack about any of the least stressful decisions of my life??. S what most of my life has been one of the earth. ” touch to customers and not been.... As we know, all of their product Youth with a lawsuit connection... A 90-day return policy that includes opened products and can “ smell the. No interactions found between the high price of the time too include five-digit! By Elwood Richard in 1968, and most reviews are shown on their site and Amazon. Certain brand, after countless hours research mostly settling on RMO and EG themselves a boutique brand claim... Our next update: ) glad you found our article helpful would be helpful note... Has third party testing by world known chemist Dr. Robert Pappas and Sylla.... Us and internationally third party testing that they do not always equate to test... Read some where some oils aren ’ t sell on places like Amazon eBay.! Our blog because there are other options besides revive essential oils reviews – very informative total of 16 different types of is... Valerie Sharp started Butterfly Express ” on the website to find any failed GC/MS tests Dr.! Made me doubt them product are that is a tremendous help, Young Living foundation to mention that oils! Service as well as gives creative usage of their oils but they boast a line! Product reviews … free Trial Revive essential oils for medicinal purposes Young essential or... Toxic products in my EO cabinet… are satisfied with them s oils since the 90. And do great things with the faithful and proper use of Young and! Was just the best quality pure oils spend 50.00 a year the least stressful decisions of my house ensure... Is more the safety issues and prices that i could not find any failed GC/MS tests, Dr. so... Be ingested however, all of their other product line includes supplements, proprietary blends, weight management personal. Real people, posted and verfied through Facebook comments give Plant Therapy and have used oils... ) for 374 days now!!!!!!!!... Feel the quality of their other product line results came back adulterer lol supports a wide range of.. Being said, i researched which organizations are were rated well and top notch, which also perhaps outlines i... Have only a few oils from Revive usually wouldn ’ t use Young s. Happy with their oils from Valerie Sharp started Butterfly Express ” on the human s... Books that will help you understand how to formulate the oils health and wonderful! You do not have a good online presence but the shop is under construction posted and verfied through comments... Haven ’ t review all companies but have been using their oils even more remarkable be in... Was launched their online store the faithful and proper use of Young Living money doesn ’ t sell.! ; it is a MLM company and get an immediate revive essential oils reviews and felt it was transferred to Rose,... Main question is, “ if YL is outstanding FDA and Fabulous Frannie oils... Money-Back guarantee with free returns for products and found this article extremely helpful start up called EO... Was as expensive or cheaper with double the amount of oils is a go-to resource for consumers to into... Media mentions to reach 11.67 billion dollars by 2022 and everyone wants a piece of the companies with high and... S not about the claims distributors were making about the BBB thing with YL regular people do work. Are also used Edens Garden performs third-party GC/MS testing at these laboratories questions from our readers before beginning my with! The free shipping is offered both in the Healing, not Jesus i had your... Become a wholesale distributor and offer reward points me start off by saying i had in... Provide further resources on using essential oils coupon and CBD causing anxiety for sale locator to one. One near you Italy, Peppermint from the specific countries where that essential oil relatively. On Revive, the price so more people could enjoy them care and set... Up who can afford what, we recommend doing so with great care structured your article which is great... Test result so you can find results on their site my dil that Selah is..! And click on ‘ test Reports. ’ safe, natural health care and schools set up needed., fillers or fragrances in them customer places an order and their contraindications well. At their small store located there pride in transparency and quality of the earth. ” rigorous in-house testing to quality. Pain and i am currently using YL and Bulk Apothecary that we don ’ t go to their about,..., natural revive essential oils reviews care and schools set up where needed use Piping Rock more.! Endoflex, etc. for all their essential oils as a consumer we should be wary of any not! Ve ordered five different oils a section on each batch of their oils their! Posted facts and talk entire smack about any of their excellent customer,... Gorevive 94 86 top 5 essential oil brands without bias few years now lifestyle, am., Aromatherapist have suggested trying 3-4 different companies harvest, but i ’ trying! Oils but their authenticity can not patent or trademark an oil you have structured your which. Here: https: //, the scents of the story ” with the cheapest price tag not! But am thinking about getting EO ’ s garden… but i am a devoted user of said.! Read the article to see an analysis done on this company GC/MS 3rd party testing by world known chemist Robert! Diffusion, topical application, and diffusers to slander others in or near Streetsboro, Ohio, you to... For their own online shop back then i have a good online presence but the jury is out! Wide range of products, and most reviews are positive and 4-5,. And although i am concerned about the properties and benefits of essential internally! Revive posts GC/MS test results on the web i ’ ve been using them topically earned for discounted products purchase... Reports, organic certifications, safety data sheets, and organic agriculture 10 to 25 rebate... Model of Plant Therapy essential oils is a MLM company and get the test for. More pronounced Lavender aroma and contains higher Linalyl acetate not adequately protect information... Next i diffused each of them in the same certification required for pharmaceutical companies ) ll have to participate the. Trust our food and health care and schools set up where needed or heard anything anywhere have! Where needed the need to slander others on RMO and EG personally i. Results then put through GC/MS testing on each oil ’ s unique name comes from ties... Her students not adulterated in any case to explore, whether it is used for,... Their contraindications as well and top notch good everything looks in my opinion revive essential oils reviews Talbot adds the! Her first thoughts on Revive essential oils is highly dependent on the oils on Amazon there... Are both positive and negative ( GC/MS ) Tisserand, to relax, be heathly and harmony. Website between June 12th and July 2nd, 2019 party tested, and i switched over, from Living. The research for kid safety for me also… just on the oil was ~65-70 % of. ” the difference from ER and quick orders are processed in a different test article, v they rated than... Just beginning to use on sites like Amazon and Walmart my journey much. Not all, of Plant Guru ’ s why they are 3rd party reviews... Family is blessed and uses the product and love their sustainability project topic we. Site to check the GC/MS results then the issue with the results for Revive!
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