Saarloos are strongly built dogs with good depth of chest, rising up through a well sprung ribcage to an athletic hind end & low set tail. The Saarloos is an exceptionally intelligent, highly attuned & sensitive dog with a deep sense of pack requirement. Saarloos are not wolves. Explore 97 listings for Wolf puppies for sale UK at best prices. Low Content Wolfdog pups born 11/29/2020. © Accalia Saarloos | All Rights Reserved |, Algemene Vereniging voor Liefhebbers van Saarlooswolfhonden (AVLS). Pale markings, typical of the wolf All are very content, robust, playful pups who are growing perfectly! Other Names. This is a relatively new breed of dog, which can boast neither hundreds of years of tradition nor the names of famous rulers or eminent personalities who bred it … There are also some information about wolfs, wolf-dog hybridisation and crossbreeds features in the web site. The Saarloos is recognised by the FCI-Standard N° 311 & although relatively unknown in the UK does not require any special license & can be insured with several UK companies. Wolfdog Puppy Love: a breeder of wolfdog puppies in central Florida about 80 miles north of Tampa, FL Pets & Animals. Hybrid Wolf Pups for Sale. The Dutch Kennel Club recognised the breed in 1975 & in homage to it's creator, named it the "Saarloos Wolfdog". 13 likes. This advert is located in and around Dumfries, Dumfries And Galloway. While we already have a waiting list for all planned Accalia puppies, we invite those interested to complete our questionnaire & welcome you to meet our family. There are also some information about wolfs, wolf-dog hybridisation and crossbreeds features in the web site. Search. The Saarloos Wolfdog has a breed standard since it is a recognized breed by the Dutch Kennel Club. Find us on Facebook, MidnightRunWolves Wolf puppies for sale UK; Receive the latest listings for Wolf dog for sale. about Wolfdogs in the UK please drop me an email, there will be no sales pitch from us as we do not breed American W olfdogs for the general public. PLANNED LITTERS2020 It is not a dog for the novice. Watch them grow via our Facebook Page! Wolfdog Pups for Sale. 'Ragnar' - Our Forest Brown Saarloos Puppy. The Saarloos Wolfdog takes its name from its creator, Leendert Saarloos. We are delighted to announce safe arrival of seven puppies from Lily & Navarre, all pups are reserved. In addition, there is a UK Saarloos Wolfdog Club. We are for more than 20 years breeders of the czechoslovakian wolfdogs, and now the saarloos wolfdogs too. Sadly her second, huge boy puppy was already lost. Willow is without doubt one of the sweetest, most gentle Saarloos in the UK who warms quickly to strangers & has such a gentle nature with people. Wolfdogs can make very loyal, beautiful and unique pets for the right family but they do not make good pets for everyone, they are a challenging breed. Wolf dogs or Wolf dog hybrids were first bred in Great Britain in 1766. This breed is the legacy of Leendert Saarloos (1884-1969). - three girls (Europe considered only if existing Saarloos owner). Additionally they have been certified by a Dutch qualified, Saarloos expert for temperament in-line with ALVS standards - proving our committment to healthy, happy Accalia puppies. In Czech and English language. At maturity males stand 65–75cm & females 60-70cm with pronounced differences in appearance. We are thrilled to announce the safe arrival of five beautiful, healthy puppies born on 20th December - mum is doing great & dad is very proud! Wolf dog pups - $500. - two boys as we personally feel that there are far too many people trying breed these animals which tend to get into the wrong hands, we do not want to contribute to this trend in the UK. Hello! Each puppy will be microchipped, fully vaccinated, health tested, DNA profiled & FCI registered. Eight happy, healthy & stunning puppies born on 21st December are now Paradis absolute focus! They are not suitable as guard dogs. Key Breed FactsBreed CharacteristicsBreed HighlightsIntroductionHistoryAppearanceTemperamentIntelligence / TrainabilityChildren and Other PetsHealthCaring for a Saarloos WolfdogGroomingExerciseFeedingAverage Cost to keep/care for a Saarloos WolfdogBreed Specific Buying Advice It's common knowledge that pet dogs of today are all descendants of wolves. The Saarloos is recognised by the FCI-Standard N° 311 & although relatively unknown in the UK does not require any special license & can be insured with several UK companies. Born from his great love of German Shepherds & desire to re-introduce qualities for a more robust, working dog he bred the German Shepherd male Gerhard von Fransenum to a female European wolf named Fleur in 1932. Sort by . We are excited to announce the planned pairing of Willow (Ochre Serenity) & Navarre (Jakan Navarre de Luna Canis Lupus) for autumn 2017. 30/09/16 - Vet on speed dial, Isla showing early signs. Wolf Hybrid Female, 48 weeks Ft Myers / SW Florida, Florida. Suggestions for containment and enertainment for your wolfdog. Our Wolf Hybrids have been DNA tested for Wolf Hybridization at University of California Davis, Veterinary Genetics Laboratory. 03/10/16 - Welcome to the world first Accalia Girl! Mum Lily is very proud of her pups (so are we!). I have always worked with dogs and horses, training and showing them. I have been breeding for 30 years and also training dogs, the last 15 years has been concentrated on breeding and promoting wolf dogs. Timber Ridge Wolfdogs is a family friendly mid-content wolf hybrid breeder in Ohio. All puppies will be raised to 8weeks (& beyond if desired) following the Puppy Culture Program. Login / Register. The Saarloos Wolfdog is a specialist breed. Their long limbs, good hocks & pasterns ensure fluid, ground covering movement. Over the next few years we aim to slowly & eithically breed sound, health tested puppies & raise them in an experienced & loving home environment. Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Wolf dog for sale. 'Ragnar' - Our Forest Brown Saarloos Puppy You may be the perfect candidate to provide a forever home & become an Accalia family member! At 10pm she gave birth to a large stillborn boy & we immediately took her to our vet who performed an emergency c-section. Specifically, he wanted to add more strength and endurance and create a stock of working police dogs. Pomeranian puppies. Welcome to Wolfzone Kennels We are private breeders of very special British Wolf Dogs, based in the heart of North Devon. The cheapest offer starts at £6. The Dutch Kennel Club recognised the breed in 1975 & in homage to it's creator, named it the "Saarloos Wolfdog". Wolfdogs require owners ideally experienced with large breeds, they need strong leadership (Do not confuse this with harsh or violent treatment!) Slovak Wolfdog; Czech Wolfdog; Ceskoslovensky Vlcak; Pronunciation. We welcome enquiries throughout Europe but at this point do not ship elsewhere. Proud to be the first UK Member approved by the Algemene Vereniging voor Liefhebbers van Saarlooswolfhonden (AVLS) , we will ensure our puppies reward their trust & showcase this beautiful breed. They are more demanding than other dogs, especially as puppies & adolescents, but they adore company & happily mix with all breeds when socialised correctly. Wolfdogs need trust, guidance and respect. Autumn litters are planned for two of our girls, Lily & Karma We have done a lot of filming in the past for the BBC and for Sky tv. Further displaying our commitment to ensure happy, healthy puppies - our dogs are certified by a qualified Dutch Saarloos expert, using globally recognised ALVS standards. Mum & pups are doing well, they are wonderfully strong puppies who are gaining weight steadily! 01/09/16 - Isla loving 24/7 snuggles!! Get Matched + Female Puppy. Our first Accalia was born on 3rd October & she is a beauty! You can cancel your email alerts at any time. We are exceptionally proud that our Phoenix Daughter "Piper" will be the first FCI registered & AVLS to be fully approved in the UK. More information & photos to come -, - four boys Lots of enrichment goodies to keep my mind occupied would be greatly appreciated otherwise I can also become quite the destructive guy. Coat colours are shaded light to dark, Wolfgrey (Boar) black-tipped with black pigment & Forest (Hare) brown-tipped with liver pigment. I have hybrid wolf pups for sale because I love these animals. Wolfdogs were occasionally purchased by English noblemen, who viewed them as … Readily trained by consistent kind methods, time & effort they make incredible dogs for an active family. They are each clear of PRA & HC (eyes) & we have purposely selected this pairing for no to very low risk of patella luxation & epilepsy. We are for more than 20 years breeders of the czechoslovakian wolfdogs, and now the saarloos wolfdogs too. It retains many natural qualities both physically and behaviourally and a good understanding of the true nature of both wolves and dogs is essential. We offer free holiday boarding for all Accalia puppies & require a lifelong return to breeder contract is signed. 28/09/16 - Isla has already inspected her whelping box! NewsNow Classifieds. We are now taking reservations for our Saarloos puppies for 2022 ONLY True Saarloos Wolfdogs in the Uk HAVE a FCI pedigree like ours. Breeders will often cross wolfdog with another wolfdog, but wolfdog-wolf forced breeding still occurs today. Our honest, positive approach combines our own experience & the expertise provided to us from breeders across Europe - we are hugely grateful for their enthusiastic support! Karma is from famous Dutch lines & this pairing has been carefully planned to the highest standard to produce low coefficient puppies with perfect temperament & health. - four girls I have a keen interest in genetics and animal welfare. The Saarloos Wolfdog is a rare breed in the UK, so anyone who wishes to buy this wolf-dog hybrid will have to be registered on a waitlist with a breeder. We are Donna & Richard Jones of Accalia Saarloos, now based in Wales. Wolfdog Breeders UK. Sadly despite our best efforts, we lost the first girl puppy who is survived by her delightful siblings, Arista & Azure. 02/09/16 - She's super chilled, but we think tomorrow... So to keep me safe I need a proper fenced enclosure with dig guards otherwise my adventurous side will come out. Our kennel is an extension of our much loved family pack & we pride ourselves on being guided by many of the best breeders across Europe. This means that if you are in Europe it will be easier to find Saarloos Wolfdog breeders than in America where they still aren’t a recognized purebred. or maybe you need a spare from a smoke free household thank you for looking any questions please ask. Review how much Czechoslovakian Wolfdog puppies for sale sell for below. The union resulted in a litter of nine pups. The price for a well-bred pedigree puppy is at least £400. More information & photos to come -, - seven boys As a typical northern breed/wolfdog I am a very good digger! - three girls © Accalia Saarloos | All Rights Reserved |. Beautiful, intelligent, well mannered wolfdog puppies for sale.

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