I mean, when he mouths in the wrong places his recorded lyrics to his hit song (which I personally don't think would have been a hit even as a novelty tune) or has a disastrous encounter with music teacher Hans Conried (a veteran player of Lewis' movies), I'm so there laughing my head off! Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie review: Patsy and Edina never stop wanting to have fun By Jake Wilson Updated August 4, 2016 — 2.06pm first published August 3, 2016 — 1.03pm Oh, and Sullivan mentions both Martin & Lewis and The Beatles as among those that made their TV debut on his show, having filmed his scene not long after The Fab Four's first appearance with him on February 9, 1964. His group of handlers are sad--not just at his death but because they're out of jobs. When a popular entertainer meets with an untimely death, his shocked showbiz associates scramble desperately to find a quick replacement. But the man they choose - bellboy, Stanley Belt - can't do anything right, and time's running out. And, the enjoyable "Spring Hop" flashback shows Lewis in his element. After lucrative comedian "Wally Brandford" dies in a plane crash, his management team decides to make bumbling bellhop Jerry Lewis (as Stanley Belt) a replacement. It's called " The Patsy " and tells the story of Standley Belt (Jerry Lewis) a virtual no-body who is selected by a group of agents, trainers and talent specialists to replace their lost meal ticket. Also on the bill with “The Patsy” is “The Son of Captain Blood,” an English« dubbed Italian swashbuckler starring Sean, the tall blond son of Errol Flynn. Movie … Some hilarious scenes such as Jerry being groomed in a beauty salon, being "taught" how to sing by the always dependable Hans Conried and Jerry's attempt at lip-synching his hit song on TV. Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley were known for their large entourages and I daresay right at this moment there any number of people trying to figure out what the future holds for them with Michael Jackson's demise. There's more to it than that, but frankly I couldn't make myself finish the movie--it was THAT annoying. Read Full Synopsis ... Movie Reviews Presented by Rotten Tomatoes. The premise is that a big music star perishes in a plane crash and his associates, including Claude Raines and John Carradine, need to find a replacement. Sisterhood strong enough to last a Lifetime, the new TV movie “Patsy & Loretta” compresses 18 months of a tragically brief friendship between two … Whatever he was trying to do with this picture, it didn't work. Receive a $6 Movie Rental. Although you can see it coming a mile away, the segment with antique collector Hans Conried is nicely done. Saw him in some of his best comedies post Dean Martin in the sixties. This is one of Lewis' lesser efforts, with his appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show drawing the only real laughs. Advertisement The performances are good, of course; Harris and Lange in the same movie cannot be uninteresting, although often we have the feeling they brought more to the set every morning than the screenplay did. Nevertheless what resulted was a weak unlikely comedy. This Jerry Lewis comedy, which he also co-wrote and directed, begins with an unusual premise: a movie star has died and his staff of handlers (Keenan Wynn, Everett Sloane, John Carradine, Phil Harris, Ina Balin, and Peter Lorre who died before this was released) are discussing if they should split up. again, not his best but enjoyable and funny enough for me! In this celluloid atrocity Jerry Lewis moviestar/filmmaker/screenwriter/egomaniac at large rips off his former director Frank Tashlin's "The Girl Can't Help It," substituting himself for Jayne Mansfield and surrounding himself with a phalanx of veteran performers (Peter Lorre, John Carradine, Phil Harris, Keenan Wynn, and for that extra touch of "Citizen Kane," Everett Sloane) in an apparent attempt to make himself look classier, or funnier, or something. FAQ Eddy and Patsy are back for Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie Kate Moss and Jon Hamm in Absolutely Fabulous trailer Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders in 'Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie'. Yes, it feels cheap and it looks like a TV movie but the heart and respect behind it compensates for all the bad things. Offers. The Prolific, Near-Genius, Self-Indulgent, and as Always Self-Referential Jerry Lewis is at it Again. A gal's (Marion Davies) imposing mother (Marie Dressler) favors an older sister. An office boy is turned into the great new sensation - a 'patsy' of a committee of old timers. It's also worth mentioning Lewis was fantastic at breaking the 4th wall and using scene set-up and prop set-up rather masterfully. So on that note, The Patsy is well worth a look for any Lewis fan out there. The Patsy Synopsis. | Top reviews from the United States There was a problem filtering ... and she would take me to see his films. [10 Sep 1964, p.17]. What makes this movie a Lewis gem is his terrific direction behind the lens.Jerry breaks the boundaries between fiction and reality,audience and story.The ending of the film shows that Stanley is actually Jerry,and his falling off the building leads to a shot of camera and crew.Jerry then states,"The people in the theater know i ain't gonna die;I'm gonna make more movies,so i couldn't die" while walking off the set with Ina Balin calling him a nut.So the ending is not a closing of a fictional tale but a revealing of reality in the form of Jerry exiting stage left off to make another movie.This can be maddening to some but what makes Lewis revolutionary to me. This is Jerry Lewis at his best.Sure I could say the same thing about him in many other movies.The master clown plays this time a bellboy named Stanley Belt.A star comedian dies, so they want to train a nobody, in this case Stan the bellboy, to be the new star.But hiring Stan to fill the shoes of the comedian really isn't such a good idea.He can't do anything right and there are so many things he has to do.So many things he has to learn, and there's not too much time to learn it all.The Patsy (1964): directed by Jerry Lewis, writing credits Jerry Lewis and Bill Richmond.This is a funny comedy with a deeper meaning.Jerry does his comic act with his own unique style, that many have tried to imitate.But let's face it; nobody is better than the original.Ina Balin is a terrific leading lady.She plays Ellen Betz and is really sweet in her part.Everett Sloane is Caryl Fergusson and he's marvelous.Phil Harris is great as Chic Wymore.Keenan Wynn is wonderful as Harry Silver.Also his father, Ed Wynn can be seen in the movie.And so can Keenan's son Ned Wynn.Peter Lorre does his final movie role in The Patsy.He was a great, great actor in both comedies and more serious roles.Scatman Crothers is there to give shine to the shoes.Then there are people you may recognize from other Lewis movies, like Del Moore, Buddy Lester and Nancy Kulp.Some people are there as themselves, like Hedda Hopper, Rhonda Fleming, George Raft, Mel Tormé and Ed Sullivan.Not too many movies have a cast like that! Jerry Lewis in another plush Paramount comedy, which he also directed and co-wrote with Bill Richmond, but one that doesn't have any central interest in its own plot. After the aforementioned night club bit, it loses some steam but the ending more than makes up for it. Watch The Patsy movie trailer and get the latest cast info, photos, movie review and more on TVGuide.com. THE PATSY (1964) ** Jerry again a bell-hop, again mistakenly hired - this time as a new star-to-be who has no talent whatsoever. Please enter your birth date to watch this video: You are not allowed to view this material at this time. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an 82% rating based on 11 reviews, with an average rating of 6.25/10. P.S. The Patsy movie reviews & Metacritic score: When a star comedian dies, rather than letting anyone know, his comedy writers decide to find and teach an unknown to fill his shoes for a … The new Lifetime TV movie “Patsy & Loretta” compresses 18 months of a tragically brief friendship between two country music legends into one pretty good biopic. Another moronic mishmash in which Mr. Lewis falls all over himself. Forty years later I think I get it. I'll stop there and just say that while I know that Lewis tends to overdo his shtick, I usually find it funny maybe both because and despite him doing so. Jerry Lewis is a great talent and has given plenty of laughs for millions of people, however, this picture is just plain CRAZY and way out. The Patsy movie reviews & Metacritic score: When a star comedian dies, rather than letting anyone know, his comedy writers decide to find and teach an … I suspect they were intended mainly to be really, really weird. This hilarious & strange movie, predicted the whole "American Idol", and no-talent reality show personalities, that we all have thrown in our faces daily! There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. In "The Patsy", Jerry Lewis was able to assemble a long list of respected character actors. For example, comparing when Davies goes around spouting non sequiturs and when she parades around in silly hats, it’s clear which scene was created on stage and which was created for film. With a really clever ending proving why Lewis was such an innovative film-maker. They're a cocky group and decide it doesn't matter if they guy they pick has talent and they pick the first schmuck they meet--a loud and clumsy bellboy (Lewis). SYNOPSIS: In this silent film, a romantic young woman falls for her sister's … Get the DVD for some cool bonus features, and dig that 60's color! It's not his funniest, at least on a consistent basis, but it does have it's share of big laughs. Check out the exclusive TVGuide.com movie review and see our movie rating for The Patsy Join / Sign Up Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. But when we see Stanley at his night club debut, his accident-prone and mixed-words performance is painful to watch not only to the characters watching but to the actual film audience as well though it's possible Lewis meant it that way. Sort by: Filter by Rating: 7 /10. When a star comedian dies, rather than letting anyone know, his comedy writers decide to find and teach an unknown to fill his shoes for a big show the comedian had been schedeled for. The Patsy also delivers the expected laughs: highlights include a scene where Lewis botches an attempt to lip-synch a terrible pop record on a teen dance show, another moment where he drives two of his minders mad by consistently botching a nightclub routine and a hilarious scene where a music lesson ends in mass destruction of a roomful of antiques. One isn't sure if the project got away from Lewis or if he just lost interest in seeing the picture through. Anyone who doesn't like this movie is not a fan of comedy, they're fans of Paulie Shore... Love Jerry, Love the Patsy, thats what it's all about, home alone! Not in a league with THE DISORDERLY ORDERLY or THE NUTTY PROFESSOR, but still a very worthy piece of work from the prolific Lewis (he co-wrote the script and directed as well). Over the next month, we will collect year-end top 10 lists from over 300... What to Watch Now on HBO Max and the HBO App. Get a list of the best movie and TV titles recently added (and coming... Music title data, credits, and images provided by, Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by. The film's premise seems to suggest you should laugh at Lewis being unfunny. In steps bumbling Jerry as a hotel employee who must be turned into the next big music star. Accident-prone bellhop at the Beverly Hilton is groomed for stardom by a group of show biz people eager to keep their cushy jobs after their star-client perishes in a plane crash (oh, the hilarity!). ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Or Beverly D’Angelo’s Patsy for that matter (although the actress playing her here makes a better Patsy than Jessica Lange’s in Sweet Dreams). I noticed that even Peter Lorre("Beast with Five Fingers") with all his great acting talent made this his final swan song. Matt Roush October 19, 2019, ... the movie can be a bit sketchy as it races through their … There isn't a big star that you can name who doesn't have an entourage. | George Raft makes one his many '60s cameos playing himself along with Ed Wynn, Mel Torme and, of course, Hedda Hopper. The Patsy boasts a fantastic cast but falls incredibly short. Ina Balin, plays Ellen Betz, the one person in the group who does care for Standley's success. Explicitly quoting Chaplin-style routines, Lewis bends the sentimentality into shape to produce a witty and magical essay on comedy, illusionism and fear. Of course there are others like Everett Sloane, Phil Harris, Keenan Wynn, Peter Lorre, John Carradine, Richard Deacon and of course the late great Hans Conried. It does lose a bit of steam towards the end, but overall, the gags,music,etc.. are first rate! There are no featured audience reviews for The Patsy at this time. The Patsy and The Struggle of Jerry Lewis. Review: The Patsy. Home media Worth watching if your a fan of Lewis. An incompetent bellhop is recruited to fill in for a deceased comedian. There's also some entertaining tap dancing by The Four Step Brothers and some cool shoe shine-bopping by Scatman Crothers even though his character borders on an African-American stereotype though even there you get something of an edge in modern humor at the end of that bit. when you purchase a new Edible Arrangements movie-themed Edible Box. The Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now. There isn't the sense of a well-shaped structure in this movie; there's no clear idea of what the filmmakers thought about Patsy Cline, or what thoughts her life is supposed to inspire. Oh, and cameos by the likes of Hedda Hopper and Ed Sullivan are also fine for the good sports they show up as. Awards X. Metacritic Reviews. Who were they kidding? That being said, I loved this one. This is one of the few movies that both Keenan and his father, Ed Wynn, both show up in though in this case, they have no scenes together. Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition, The Godfather Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone. The problem which is central to the group is that Standley possesses little or no natural talent and despite the best trainers,seems doomed to failure. The opening scenes, where he is being offered "the deal" to make him a star, is worth the price of admission. MRQE Metric: See what the critics had to say and watch the trailer. Together, under the auspices of Jerry, this film become one of a dozen triumphs. With Lewis as the Patsy, it has becomes a Classic. It would also help if he didn't babble nonsense so much. An extremely funny Jerry Lewis movie in which Lewis plays a bellhop who happens to be the lookalike of a famous (very Jerry Lewis-like) celebrity. The Patsy's slim story line has it ups and downs, sometimes being hilarious, frequently unfunny. The essential mistake that's made about Lewis is assuming his movies were intended mainly to be funny. THE PATSY, 1928 Movie Reviews Directed by King Vidor Starring: Marion Davies, Orville Caldwell, Marie Dressler, Lawrence Gray, Dell Henderson, Jane Winton Review by Alex Udvary. Much of the story is about someone who is either socially retarded OR is far more manipulative and ambitious than is apparent to the casual observer. Jerry Lewis wrote, directed and starred in this grand production which includes top name actors. They then proceed to make him a star--singing one of the most annoying ditties I've ever heard. Movie reviews for The Patsy. | The Patsy was re-released on a double bill with another Jerry Lewis film, The Nutty Professor, in 1967. This exceptional comedian assembled his talent and created movies like this one. But what does happen to these people if the star is taken out of the picture. These folks have their careers rise and fall with the stars that time and circumstance has attached them to. This masterpiece, IS by far, Jerry Lewis's best movie! © 2020 METACRITIC, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. His opening of the film with Stanley falling out a window and falling with credits running only to hit a diving board and landing back in the room is terrific in form.The use of the mirror when Stanley is being fit for a suit wanting to look like is idol George Raft,Raft appearing in the shot as a reflection of Stanley.The Director is the star,brilliant. Mr. Lewis manages to have a hit record with "I Lost My Heart in a Drive-In Movie", but his nightclub appearance bombs big time. He just doesn't keep it consistent enough in this. Hide Spoilers. Check box if your review contains spoilers. Jerry Lewis needed the support of all time Classic greats as Everett Sloane, Phil Harris, John Carradine(Dracula 1940's), George Raft, Hans Conried, Hedda Hopper, Ed Wynn along with many other greats. *1/2 from ****, A film of strange and inconsistent brilliance, Jerry's Thinking More than Usual in this Deep Display of Nuttiness, The Patsy has co-writer, director, and star Jerry Lewis in both hilarious and not-so mode, Another Example of Jerry Being Self-Indulgent, " Discovering who we are is made more difficult when others help you ". And a couple of silent sequences are pretty amusing if not as funny. Directed by Jerry Lewis. User Ratings Yes, The Patsy doesn’t really seem to commit 100% to being a silent film. Eventually, he finds success with secretary Ina Balin (as Ellen Betz). ****. A review of the 1964 movie The Patsy directed by and starring Jerry Lewis on the 20/20 Movie Reviews website. Find trailers, reviews, synopsis, awards and cast information for The Patsy (1964) - Jerry Lewis on AllMovie - Toward the end of Jerry Lewis's Paramount studio… External Reviews That would become "no" when Jerry, as bellhop Stanley Belt, shows up and clumsily drops his ice and glasses which makes the team try to make him a star. Jerry Lewis plays a dim-bulbed bellhop who, after an extraordinary series of events, finds himself being groomed to step into the comical shoes of one of the country's best young comedians. | The Patsy reflects a genuine affection for the artisans and jacks-of-all-trades that make careers like his possible. In 1995, the novelist and critic Gilbert Adair published his Flickers: An Illustrated Celebration of 100 Years of Cinema. Two of my favorite scenes are where Jerry paints a tuxedo on himself and the flashback sequence showing Jerry as a youngster in a dance where the girls don't want to dance with him.Those scenes show what a great mime Jerry really is.Here in Finland they have been showing Jerry Lewis movies on Sundays this summer.The last time they showed his movies successively was in 1998.Now I can see the tragedy in Jerry's characters better than I did back then.Then I saw only the crazy and zany and funny man.Now I can see his characters are often tragic figures who also happen to be very funny.Jerry Lewis can still make me laugh like crazy.Jerry is a fool with heart.Nobody can do it like Jerry Lewis. Not a big Jerry Lewis fan but I remembered this one from my childhood and found it very funny but there were whole parts that I didn't "get". In no time he's made into a superstar by handlers Peter Lorre, Phil Harris, etc. Lewis is rather cringeworthy in a handful of sequences here with the exception of about three skits (the ice in the beginning, the chair/seat sketch somewhere in the middle) and the finale). The worst line is given to Ina Balin, describing Jerry's bellboy: "He's really very shy." Notable Video Game Releases: New and Upcoming, December Preview: 16 TV Shows & New Movies to Watch at Home. Then, they can keep their jobs. Jerry Lewis is Stanley Belt, a clumsy, dumb kind of a man who seems the perfect fall guy to generate income for those pulling the strings. It has a similar plot to other films like; Errand Boy, Bellboy, but it's as if Jerry took it up a big notch, and threw in every strange thought that was going through his head! Yet, when the popular comedy duo of Martin and Lewis broke up, the worry centered on Dean Martin. It isn't supposed to be a comedy in the classic Hollywood sense. Roush Review: 'Patsy & Loretta' a Tuneful Tribute to Female Friendship. Review this title 21 Reviews. The Best Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix Right Now. This is another Jerry Lewis film I could not finish. He's assembled a colorful cast of old pros, and there's a hilarious bit involving music teacher Hans Conried, but after the first 30 minutes it's just frittered away. ‘Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie’ Review: Eddy and Patsy Make a Strong, Champagne-Swilling Comeback BBC comedy makes a wobbly transfer to the big screen but its … If you like to see some of the truly great classic actors, who sometimes just briefly appear, please view this picture and also everyone who loves JERRY LEWIS ! Pushing Film Conventions just a Nudge, not Over the Edge, Never Wanting to be Totally Dismissed and Forever Seeking Approval, He Managed to be Creative as well as, Like Most Comedians, Inconsistent. Film. [citation needed] Reception. Jerry was so ahead of his time. When the celebrity dies, the bellhop steps in...of course. Considerably weaker than The Nutty Professor. The Patsy is a 1928 American silent comedy-drama film directed by King Vidor, co-produced by and starring Marion Davies for Cosmopolitan Productions, and released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.It was Marie Dressler's "comeback" film after a long slump in her film career. It isn't often a great talent is properly packaged in the guise of a man, most people would not give a second look. Patsy Cline's daughter Julie Fudge added her own real-life memories into Patsy & Loretta, and some of the filming took place in the house where the family lived in the last year of Cline's life. Lewis' klutz is supposed to be replacing a TV comedy star, but first he has to cut a hit record and lip-synch it on a teenage dance show. A little more care with the script and this could have been an even better movie. Definitely doesn't crack his best work though. A famous celebrity dies in the opening scene. Lewis is hysterical and he's surrounded himself with a lot of great talent, none of whom gets short shrift in the mix...a very funny Hans Conried, a bizarre Nancy Kulp, and Richard Deacon pop up and Lewis's leading lady is the effervescent Ina Balin. See All Audience Reviews The Patsy Quotes. If your a big Jerry Lewis fan, and I am, you will enjoy The Patsy. With Jerry Lewis, Ina Balin, Everett Sloane, Phil Harris. Jerry Lewis on the other hand was so multi-talented, no one gave much though that he would succeed. Then one gets a brainstorm--pool their talents and create a new star.

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