Read more… It is the little yellow dandelion with long thin stalks that grows in its hundreds over grassy banks and hillsides. Definition of Stalk. Sandy uplands produce a short stalk which bears fairly well. stalk noun [C] (PLANT PART) any stem on a plant, esp. 168+2 sentence examples: 1. 31. A stalk of wheat, rye, or oats; the stalks of maize or hemp. Ex : fille - nf > On dira "la fille" ou "une fille". Top Answer. Use ‘stalk’ in a sentence | ‘stalk’ example sentences . See more. 2- These cats are stalk and ambush predators. Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. When you eat celery, do you like the inner stalks, which are paler and more tender, or the tough outer ones? a thin stem that supports a leaf, flower or fruit and joins it to another part of the plant or tree; the main stem of a plant. Asked by Wiki User. Use ‘stalk’ in a sentence | ‘stalk’ example sentences . The rose plant has a thorny stalk. The morphology and development of long, 58. 1- When does sophisticated targeting become borderline online stalking ? That which resembes the stalk of a plant- as the stem of a quill. But tonight he would like to have something equivalent to a, 39. Avec un nom féminin, l'adjectif s'accorde. You can also find multiple synonyms or similar words of Stalk. 3. stipe - A stalk or stem of a seaweed, fungus, or fern frond. add example. In the middle at the top was the Pease family crest: A dove rising with a pea, 35. Thus stereotypes that had confidently been buried with stakes through their hearts rose up to, 55. How to use stalk in a sentence. 1 2 3. 1. Wiki User Answered . According to the psychologist, the killer will normally stalk his victim for several days. Toggle navigation fatLingo . Stalk Meaning :-The stem or main axis of a plant; as- a stalk of wheat- rye- or oats; the stalks of maize or hemp. 1. material consisting of seed coverings and small pieces of stem or leaves that have been separated from the seeds 2. a slender or elongated structure that supports a plant or fungus or a plant part or plant organ 3. a hunt for game carried on by following it stealthily or waiting in ambush 358 138 He would pollinate a wheat stalk, then cover it with a trash bag to prevent contamination by other plants. 3. Found 0 sentences matching phrase "stem|stalk of a plant".Found in 1 ms. cranberry - First crane berry, so named because the plant grows on a stalk that looks like a crane's neck. Topics Plants and trees c2; a long, thin structure that supports something, especially an organ in some animals, and joins it on to another part 4. 15. Stalk in a sentence 1. Answer. A plant has many different parts that perform various functions. Reverent and astonishe There are many baby corns on one corn, 57. The plant has a five-inch stalk topped by a lovely little pink and white flower. She drew a stalk of grass between her lips. The petiole- pedicel- or peduncle- of a plant. As a verb, stalk means to walk stiffly or angrily. If someone insults you, you might stalk from the room and refuse to listen to another word. To stalk someone is to follow them around in a secretive manner. A stalk is a long, vertical stem or connecting part of a plant. Find someone who has eaten a stalk of celery as a snack. 13. Then, let the sterner virtues, that allow no plea for human frailty, Stalk not both hour-glass shaped when viewed from proximal end, and with width less than 1/2 length of, Torn, trampled, beaten into the earth, scarcely a, Stalk, viewed from proximal end hour-glass shaped, and width of, That afternoon, Peer sat on one of the ramparts below the fortress, biting at a, Within these deeps to lie, Not her long-reaching, Ox-teams, laden with a rustling load of Indian corn, in the, Stalk in a sentence | Short example sentence for stalk[Class 1-5], Buzz Around in a sentence | Short example sentence for buzz around[Class 1-5], God in a sentence | Short example sentence for god[Class 1-5], Soon Enough in a sentence | Short example sentence for soon enough[Class 1-5], Learning Experience in a sentence | Short example sentence for learning experience[Class 1-5], Acidulous in a sentence | Short example sentence for acidulous[Class 1-5], Quainter in a sentence | Short example sentence for quainter[Class 1-5], Suing in a sentence | Short example sentence for suing[Class 1-5], Dortmund in a sentence | Short example sentence for dortmund[Class 1-5], Instigate in a sentence | Short example sentence for instigate[Class 1-5], Buds in a sentence | Short example sentence for buds[Class 1-5], Hairy in a sentence | Short example sentence for hairy[Class 1-5], Leaf in a sentence | Short example sentence for leaf[Class 1-5], Stalks in a sentence | Short example sentence for stalks[Class 1-5], Asparagus in a sentence | Short example sentence for asparagus[Class 1-5], Twigs in a sentence | Short example sentence for twigs[Class 1-5], Tendrils in a sentence | Short example sentence for tendrils[Class 1-5], Celery in a sentence | Short example sentence for celery[Class 1-5], Fennel in a sentence | Short example sentence for fennel[Class 1-5], Carrot in a sentence | Short example sentence for carrot[Class 1-5], Words to describe Stalk | Stalk Adjectives. A single pale blue flower grows up from each joint on a long stalk. 0. The Doctor placed the remainder of the apple in his mouth and proceeded to eat the core, 38. Sentences Menu. Stalk of a plant. Beware - the birds fly menacingly low and stalk their victims! 2. Example sentences from the Collins Corpus. Showing page 1. Our topic for today is Parts of a Plant. starve - stark - stare - staple - standard - stall - 2. Consider more lenient search: click button to let Glosbe search more freely. 4. | A haughty style of walking. Stalk definition, the stem or main axis of a plant. Corn is treated when the stalk starts to elongate. flowers on long stalks; celery stalks; He ate the apple, stalk and all. stalks example sentences. En général, on ajoute un "e" à l'adjectif. Dictionary entry overview: What does stalk mean? 2. Over 100,000 English translations of French words and phrases. 4- A serial killer stalking beautiful women just felt right. The intra-embryonic portion of the allantoic stalk gives rise to two structures, viz. Example sentences with "stem|stalk of a plant", translation memory. He gathered huge armfuls of dry stalks and dead shrubbery, and spread them over the earth. A thin, pale orange tissue covers inch-long spines that form comb rows around a thin, 32. noun. My hunting dog will sometimes hide in the grass and stalk a squirrel before giving chase. The stalk of the stamen bearing the anther in angiosperms. Two or more of the radial nervures in the forewing arise from a common stalk or are suppressed. Short Example Sentence for Stalk 1. New features include three new alloy wheel designs and much-needed new, 36. What is an example sentence for stalk? Examples of 'stalk' in a sentence stalk. 2. The definition of Stalk is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. Stalk definition is - a slender upright object or supporting or connecting part; especially : peduncle. Both sexes have a small black spot in the midline at the base of the tail, 40. the main stem: Cynthia says those flowers have pretty tall stalks. A wind storm had passed over it and many of the large stalks were almost flat upon the earth. 37. How to use Stalks in a Sentence? Growing straight (Sentence dictionary), so that the micropyle is at the end opposite the, 60. 2009-04-25 05:11:19 2009-04-25 05:11:19. 2. In the middle at the top was the P Featuring some of the most popular crossword puzzles, uses the knowledge of experts in history, anthropology, and science combined to provide you solutions when you cannot seem to guess the word. (plant: stem) (d'une plante) tige nf nom féminin: s'utilise avec les articles "la", "l'" (devant une voyelle ou un h muet), "une". Sentence Examples for stalk. The clue "Stalk of a plant" was last spotted by us at the Penny Dell - Easy Crossword on June 29 2019. to slowly and secretly follow a person or animal. How to use stalks in a sentence. 3. He ate the apple, stalk and all. An ornament in the Corinthian capital resembling the stalk of a plant- from which the volutes and helices spring. A man who has been stalking singer Jennifer Lopez was arrested outside her home today. 5- She enjoyed hunting foxes and stalking deer. 5. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. 51- For years, Yemen had allowed U.S. drones and special operations forces to stalk AQAP in the country. The stalk of a flower, leaf, or fruit is the thin part that joins it to the plant or tree. 168+2 sentence examples: 1. The wild goosefoot grows as tall as the corn. stalk n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. Her ex-husband has been stalking her ever since they got divorced. Leopards stalk their prey slowly through grass or bushes, and attack when only a few yards away. ...corn stalks. Example sentences with the word stalks. Ghosts are said to stalk the castle walls. Examples of Stalk in a sentence. English Translation of “à pied” | The official Collins French-English Dictionary online. spire - In Old English, it meant "stalk" or "stem." 4. You can have some fun with the daffodil stalk, too, after taking off the flowers. 53- So expect to hear more about the threats that stalk the United States as the GOP primary season looMs. 6. 52- Celery root rémoulade, sliced celery stalk, toasted hazelnuts and mint trail them like a bridal veil. The stem or main axis of a plant, which supports the seed -carrying parts.

sentence of stalk of a plant

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