The “Antarctic Season” is November to March. Month By Month Breakdown October. While this Antarctica by Month guide is valuable resource for planning when to go, wildlife and weather can never be fully predicted, especially in a land as dramatic as Antarctica. Mid Season (December and January) Mid-summer is often considered to be the best time to visit Antarctica. Quark Expeditions offers a flight to the Antarctic Peninsula flying over the Drake Passage allowing you to experience Antarctica the fastest and most direct way. This is a great time for whale watching, as many more species will have made their way here and you might be lucky enough to spot Blue Whales and Orcas from your boat. One of the things you need to consider is the timing of the visit. Combine this with the short Antarctic summer and you’ll see animals’ mating, laying and rearing cycles moving very fast. Epic sunrises and sunsets as days get shorter. Tourists are unlikely to visit Antarctica in November. The Drake Passage — a two-day sea crossing to get to and from Antarctica — it’s calmer at this time. Check out our packing lists and  travel gear guide to ensure you’re bringing the right items on your trip.BOOK YOUR FLIGHT WHEN TO TRAVEL. March in Antarctica. The days are their longest, the temperatures are the warmest and there are rarely sea ice issues preventing you from getting in anywhere. Prices for hotels and flights will be most expensive during these months, though you can save if you purchase well in advance. October/November. Hence, Antarctica can be visited only during its polar summer which happens between November through March. BEST TIME TO VISIT ANTARCTICA. But what month should you visit in? Leopard, crabeater, Weddell seal and elephant seal pups are more commonly seen. Hatching or newly hatched baby penguins are abundant; feeding frenzies begin as parents bring their young food from the sea. You should also check out our tips for finding cheap flights.CAR RENTALWe use Discover Cars to compare car prices, find deals and book rentals.FIND ACCOMMODATION Life at the poles is affected greatly by latitude variances, as slight latitude shifts offer big seasonal and light changes. Spring wildflowers bloom in South Georgia. Daily average temperatures reach nearly 30 degrees Fahrenheit, making this month the ideal time to see hatching penguin chicks, whales, and elephant seal pups. ), Theodore Roosevelt National Park Planner (Things to Do, When to Go & Advice), 25 Best Things to do in Whitefish, Montana, 15 Best Things to do in Grand Teton National Park, The Route 66 Ghost Town of Oatman, Arizona (How To Visit & Best Things to Do). The long days of sun spawn plankton blooms, a buffet for feeding whales. / Antarctica / Best time to visit Antarctica; Best time to visit Antarctica. Visit penguin rookeries, spot humpback and minke whales and look out for leopard seals, all while calving glaciers crack through the immense silence. On the islands and the peninsula, you’ll find that the penguins have hatched and the young penguins are learning how to stand on their own feet and survive in the harsh world of the Antarctic. The White Continent the furthest outpost of our planet vast, remote, forlorn, windy, bleak and frozen. Some Adelie, chinstrap and gentoo rookeries are empty, as adults return to the sea to feed. For most of the month, you’ll be enjoying temperatures well above freezing though, but the seas can start to get a little tougher though. We’ve visited nearly 100 countries on all 7 continents. You might not want to venture too far south either, as the days are much shorter and the weather even colder. My personal opinion is that you should try and book a cruise with an itinerary that crosses the Polar Circle to get the full Antarctica experience. This is when wildlife is most active and the days are at their longest. Temperature is not enjoyable at all: wind is wild and nights are endless. Best time to go to Antarctica. Discover the dramatic landscapes of Antarctica with our collection of expedition cruises departing from Ushuaia in Argentina and visiting all the best islands. Our trip to Antarctica was in partnership with Quark Expeditions, however all opinions are 100% mine, as always. But within this period, each month has its own charms, including penguin chicks, vast iceberg "sculptures", rowdy elephant seals and the ability to cross the Antarctic Circle - find out more in our guide below. Camping options begin to be offered on select departures of certain ships and continue through February. Most of the pack ice and many of the icebergs have melted by February, which means that if you are looking to explore further south, along the Antarctic Peninsula and towards the South Pole, then this is the time to go. Well that depends on what you want to … Each month offers something different and in my opinion you can’t go wrong with any time. The Best Time To Take A Trip To Antarctica Antarctica is a dream adventure travel destination, but much of the continent’s appeal lies in the time you visit and what you want to see. Receding ice opens up and allows for even more exploration. The best times to visit Antarctica for ideal weather are. Some birds, like Antarctic terns, start flying north. You can still see the whales in Antarctica too, and while many might be beginning their long voyage north for the winter months, on your crossing from South America you’ll certainly pass them. On the White Continent, the answer isn’t so black-and-white. Behaviors could also include sky pointing and stone stealing. The Best Month To Cruise To Antarctica. When is the best time to visit Antarctica? Kayaking options are available starting November and throughout the rest of the sailing season. Longest days offer up to 24 hours of daylight (depending on latitude) near the Dec 21 solstice, creating more opportunities for exploration and wildlife spotting. Best Time to Visit Antarctica: Month by Month Breakdown, Antarctic Explorer: Discovering the 7th Continent, Epic Antarctica: Crossing the Circle via Falklands and South Georgia, 34 Antarctica Cruise Tips You Must Know Before You Go. No menu assigned; No menu assigned! The beautiful place offered a large number of places for tourists to visit and fill their soul with contentment and rejoice. November is the beginning of the expedition season in Antarctica, although some ships may begin to depart from Cape Horn to the southern seas in late October. Skiing and snowshoeing can be offered in the early season as an activity option on select vessels and itineraries. What that means in practical terms, is that the weather is incredibly unpredictable still. It’s considered the best month for Antarctic tourism, so if you’re looking for a more isolated experience, consider going in spring or fall. Ready to fly? But within this travel window, your experience can vary from month to month.

best month to visit antarctica

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